A Closer Look at the Limited Release Haunted Mansion Plush Set with the Hatbox Ghost and Bat

I unbox them so you don’t have to!

On August 1st, I spotted the Hatbox Ghost as well as the Bat as separate listings on eBay. However, it was clear these were sold directly from the factory in China (the seller’s location and the fact that no Park seemed to have the toys were a giveaway). Regardless, I shared the news on the official Travels with Toys Instagram account.

Today both plushes hit Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom as a box set.

The Hatbox Ghost and a bat from the Haunted Mansion as part of a limited release plush series

The back of the box (starring Madame Leota) containing the Haunted Mansion limited release plush series Hatbox Ghost and Bat

Priced at $49.99 before Annual Passholder discounts, the pair are part of a limited release plush series, according the box.

I am the type of collector who plays with her toys so, of course, I could not wait to break these two out from the confines of their cardboard prison.

The unboxing process begins for the Haunted Mansion Plush Set, featuring the Hatbox Ghost and Bat

I loved all the nods to the Disney Parks attraction that were added to the packaging. The most obvious one was Madame Leota’s epitaph (on the back of the box) as seen in the queue at the Magic Kingdom version of the attraction but, upon opening the box, I noticed that the lining had a pattern similar to the wallpaper found in the mansion.

The lining of the Haunted Mansion plush set features the attraction's famous wallpaper

Now, let’s take a look at the plushes!

The Hatbox Ghost

First up is the Hatbox Ghost, a recent addition to the Disneyland Resort version of the attraction and a popular figure in the attraction’s lore.

The Hatbox Ghost, part of the Haunted Mansion limited release plush series

The Hatbox Ghost, part of the Haunted Mansion limited release plush series

The Hatbox Ghost, part of the Haunted Mansion limited release plush series

From the top of his hat to the heel of his shoes, Hattie here measures about 12 inches. He is designed to be posed in a seated position yet he does not have a bean bag bottom. If you set him just right, he doesn’t fall over though.

The detail on the Hatbox Ghost's hatbox from the Haunted Mansion limited release plush series

The glow-in-the-dark element mentioned on the box can be found on the head in Hattie’s hatbox. I did not have a chance to test out the quality of the glow though.

The Bat

The Bat from the Haunted Mansion limited release plush series


The Bat is reminiscent of the ones found on the stanchions in the attraction’s queue. It’s wingspan from end to end is about 12 and a half inches long. It is a darling design but this plush cannot remain upright without leaning against something.

The Bat from the Haunted Mansion limited release plush series


My only real complaint with this guy is that the seam on his back is puckering and doesn’t look very strong. I think I am going to have to be especially careful with this one.

To sum up…

Despite the small quality issue with my new Bat friend, I am beyond pleased with this plush set. I love the designs and frankly, the fact that they exist. And I am super-excited that this is part of a series! What happy haunt are you hoping to see represented? Personally, I am still holding out for a plush of the Grave Keeper’s dog (I just want to give him a hug!). And with next year being the 50th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion at the Disneyland Resort, who knows what will materialize?


Author: Natalie Kipper

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